Wednesday, May 2

Normal Service Will Resume Soon - When I'm Sitting On't Beach

I have to apologise for sporadic posting (and commenting) - and let you know that it is likely that I won't be back until next week - ironically, when I am on holiday and settled down with a nice fruity cocktail and a flower in my hair.

I will be taking my laptop on my travels this time as I figure that I will take this time to see if I really can write.

Let's just say - check back this time next week and I should be able to regale you with some amusing travel anecdotes and photographs.

In the meantime, here are some shots I took from yesterday's frolick in Bluebell Woods (I went frolicking in Bluebell Woods, see) :

Peace out X

1 comment:

patti_cake said...

Bon Voyage and Godspeed Wondy!
Love the frolic in Bluebell Woods.
I so wanna be you!