Monday, May 7

Catch You On The Flipside!

Well, this is it - last cheeky post before I board a jet plane.

I've already checked on the inflite website to see what films are showing - hmm, Music and Lyrics, anyone?

I should coco!

The bad news is this - I've got a huge spot on my cheek so all dreams of looking effortless as I step daintily from the aircraft are out the window.


I have also imported this entire blog over to another (better?) place, but I am waiting to make my official announcement until I am properly sorted and happy with the set-up. Over-cautious or what?

Catch you on the flipside, friends.

Wednesday, May 2

Interview With A Fish

Ooh, just one more thing, if you do just one thing today - check out Shocking Fish's interview - by yours truly.

He's a fab, fab person - one of my best friends in the whole wide world - and he chose to have me at his fantasy dinner party - bagsy sitting beside Emily Pankhurst!

Great answers SF - you're the cat's meaow!

Normal Service Will Resume Soon - When I'm Sitting On't Beach

I have to apologise for sporadic posting (and commenting) - and let you know that it is likely that I won't be back until next week - ironically, when I am on holiday and settled down with a nice fruity cocktail and a flower in my hair.

I will be taking my laptop on my travels this time as I figure that I will take this time to see if I really can write.

Let's just say - check back this time next week and I should be able to regale you with some amusing travel anecdotes and photographs.

In the meantime, here are some shots I took from yesterday's frolick in Bluebell Woods (I went frolicking in Bluebell Woods, see) :

Peace out X

This House

Today Wondy Mum finally moves into her new abode. It’s wonderful news and I know she’ll be happy there. I think she knows her new home is ‘the one’ because we both felt it on the day we viewed it.

But even though it’s a happy time, I know it also a sad, hard thing to be going through and I have been thinking of nothing else for the past week. Isn’t it overwhelming how much emotion gets trapped within the four walls of a home?

Your habitat is very rarely just a place to set down your weary head, but a real-life circus tent full of highs, lows and all the bits in-between.

This is how I am feeling at the moment. I can only imagine what WM and Wondy Bro are feeling but at a guess I would say our thoughts aren’t that dissimilar at the moment.

Nearly every childhood memory is intertwined with the history of that house. It has contained every squeal of excitement, every giggle, scraped knee, squabble, and raging argument.

It has been showered with blood, sweat and tears – it was our new start, our future and the place I longed to flee to (and frequently did) as an adult.

I have loved every minute of it and I will never forget what it represents – but I also know that memories only really live in one place and that’s nestled in the warmth of within.

We can keep every one of those memories alive by closing our eyes and going back whenever we like.

So I want to write this post today to let WM know that I love her and that she is not alone. Through the stress and the sorrow – this was totally the right thing to do.

Sunday, April 29

Wedding Belle

I am alive and kicking - just. If you were wondering, like.

On second thoughts, perhaps nobody was actually wondering and it's just like when you don't log into your emails for a few days and when you do, there aren't any waiting for you...

Anyway, I am here.

(No, over here - I'm the redhead - that's it, yep that's me!)

I've been to a wedding, of Rocker's cousin (and my friend) Cat. She looked lovely and the ceremony was really nice.

I'm not really a gushy sort of wedding lover - so I will just entertain you with a few snapshots of the event - and say this: they are a lovely couple who seem very right for eachother, so I wish them every happiness.

I think I pleased Rocker as well, by promising never to put him through the wedding thing. Not that I don't believe in it per se, it's just right now I don't think it's for me - which is great.

It's good to be able to make the decision not to do something that might be expected of me. I'm happy for anyone who does do it - but I excercise my right not to too, you know?

Anyway, a lovely day was had by all. Until I got a cracker of a migraine (down to my constant squinting due to my increasing short-sightedness, perhaps?) and ended up with my head down the toilet.


So I was in bed by 9 pm.

Aren't I the Party Animal?!

Friday, April 27

Email of the Day

From my friend jongtaylor:

  • "Stellar twins NASA/JPL NEWS RELEASE Posted: March 31, 2007
    The double sunset that Luke Skywalker gazed upon in the film "Star Wars" might not be a fantasy. Astronomers using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope have observed that planetary systems - dusty disks of asteroids, comets and possibly planets - are at least as abundant in twin-star systems as they are in those, like our own, with only one star. Since more than half of all stars are twins, or binaries, the finding suggests the universe is packed with planets that have two suns. Sunsets on some of those worlds would resemble the ones on Luke Skywalker's planet, Tatooine, where two fiery balls dip below the horizon one by one. ------------------------------------------------------ How cool is that!!!"

Gotta love shared geekery, people.

Wednesday, April 25

One Question:

Who killed Kermie?

Pressing Matters

Text of the Day, from Shocking Fish:

"What are your thoughts on latex pants?"

Well, where does one start?

Make Me Up Before You Go-Go

I’ve been gripped by the icy hand of reality – if I go for a make-up lesson next Sunday then I shall have to arrive sans make-up – which in itself is not a problem, I do often go bare-faced – but… well, how am I really going to feel when I’m sitting under the scrutiny of a stranger and in the middle of a busy store to boot with my far, far less than perfect complexion shining forth?

I have always, always had poor skin. Except when I was a teenager, oddly enough.

It has been almost the sole reason for my poor self-esteem since I can remember (anything else is down to my huge arse), and it’s no laughing matter to see your face in every photograph marred by horrible, ugly acne. Next to my gorgeous friends I could always see the difference: that they were beautiful and I was not.

As it is now my skin has improved tenfold thanks to the Pill and so has my self-image but there will always be the ugly girl inside me, ready to break through at any point – and she frequently does.

I hate the idea of comparing myself to others. Envy is an ugly, harmful thing to the person feeling it – and I have no time for it.

I want to wish everyone well, for I have my special moments too – and we can’t all be perfect. Yet, when I stand next to some people I feel my soul die.

Which brings me back to this make-up shebang – can I really stomach it? Will the poor girl assigned to ‘doing me up’ run screaming when she sees me naked (facially)?

I know it’s self-indulgent to fret about things like this, and I’m darn lucky to have my health: two eyes, a nose, a mouth – but is it normal to look in the mirror and see someone so hideously ugly one day – and normal the next.

I think the answer here is yes. And I’m just a normal girl…

Posing 101 - With Lindsay Lohan

These pictures just crack me up.

In other news, the Benefit make-up lesson is booked for a week's time - actually the day before we fly to Thailand - so expect an enthusiastic Before and After!


By A Beautiful Revolution (as always)

I've Just Read This Book...

... it was fab.

That is all.

Tuesday, April 24

Smug, Moi?

Would it be uncouth of me to chant:

  • Less than two weeks to go! Less than two weeks to go! Less than two weeks to go!
(in a goofish tone, with proper arm flapping and everything?)


This time in two weeks, Rocker and I will be in Thailand, trailing our remarkably heavy rucksacks behind us: me probably muttering obscenities under my breath and he, marching ahead, unyielding in his mission to get to wherever it is we are going.

(I hate having to actually move my rucksack, it's ok when it's on a trolley or on the floor, but moving it? Hmpf.)

As it happens I think we'll be making our way from Bangkok Airport to Koh Samui Airport then to some sort of accommodation. I should imagine by then I won't care if I wake up in a cow shed...

Then the next morning it'll be a lunchtime ferry crossing to Koh Phangan where we will be met on the pier by our little friend, Rong - who is insistent he'll be there to meet us.

Can't wait.

You know I can't wait to go exploring again, I can't wait to learn some more of the language, visit some temples, write something and take photographs like there's no tomorrow.

I just can't wait.

In other news, Rocker's sister, Holly and I are going for free Benefit make-up lessons a week Saturday - maybe they'll break me out of my old drag-queen habits?

Friday, April 20

Interview With A Vamp - Part 3

Third time's a charm…

Interviewer: the divine Chica, interviewee: Me!

  • What was your favourite subject at school and why?

    I was best at English and I loved my teacher, Mr. Dobson because he encouraged me to write for fun and told me I had a real talent (ha) – so that was my favourite class because I got to read interesting things and write to my heart’s content.

  • Does Rocker read your blog?

    No he doesn’t. I have never hidden it from him and he has read it before but he decided he didn’t want to read it because it is so personal to me and he felt like he was reading my diary.

    I generally don’t write anything that might offend him though, just in case – and I don’t generally mention him in my blog because I feel like I’m talking about him behind his back.

  • Kate Moss: zero or hero?

    Ooh a tough one!

    Kate Moss to me is one of the most beautiful women in the world and she deserves serious snaps for two things:

    1) Her dress sense. She throws things together like nobody else and always, always scrubs up well,

    And b) the simplest thing in the world: she has the sense to never open her mouth, thus creating an enigma. Even whilst being busted doing something terrible, she has never said a word about it, never gives interviews and is never caught uttering something stupid at the opening of an envelope.

    It’s genius.

    However. I don’t think you can really call her a hero just for that. She doesn’t look like a nice person, she doesn’t look like she can make you wet yourself for laughing, she goes out with an absolute loser, which isn’t setting the best example to her daughter – in short, I think she’s beautiful – but she ain’t no hero to me.

  • What is your very favourite piece of clothing and why?

    I’m no clotheshorse and I hardly ever dress up in nice clothes because I don’t get the opportunity (or I don’t make the opportunity) so I might as well say, I love my jeans.

    I don’t have any one piece of clothing that never fails, sadly.

    But! There’s a big but coming…

    I love a nice accessory and I love statement jewellery – and have lots of faves. I like Perspex bangles and rings, chunky necklaces and I have a really beautiful new bracelet shaped like an octopus that Heather sent me, which I am in love with.

(see below)

  • What has been your best birthday celebration?

    This is easy! I celebrated my 21st in a town called Bundaberg in Queensland, Australia – and I ended up jumping into a fountain in the town centre in my bra with this Canadian bloke I really, really fancied. It was superb!

    Basically, I was in Bundaberg for about three months picking sweet corn and peppers for a living and on my birthday we were supposed to work, but rain called it off – so my backpacking buddies and I went to the beauty shop and had our hair and nails done, I bought a new top and then in the evening they threw me a party at the local pub – and we rocked on into the night.

    There are pictures – and I look horrendous in all of them – but I had the best time.

    And at the end of the night I totally threw myself at the Canadian guy I fancied, but passed out before I got to his lips. Hmmm. We never did get it on after that…

    Loved every minute and those were the days, etc.

Thank babe, I enjoyed this - Chica's interview by me, coming soon...


In the grand tradition of ripping off my friends and jumping on the bandwagon, I bring you my very own fantasy dinner party line-up:

The 6 lucky people I would invite are, in no order of preference…

Barbra Streisand – She has long been my hero, as an actress and as a singer. I would probably just sit beside her staring, because I should imagine she has a great presence and she is the original Funny Girl.

Woody Allen – For his sense of humour (and so I can try on his glasses whilst chatting about how he made such a masterpiece of Annie Hall).

Tim Burton – I am in love with his vision and he is my favourite film director.

Alfred Hitchcock – Does this need an explanation? This man was a mystery to me and I want him there so I can pick his brains.

Haruki Murakami – My favourite author and an all round (I believe) fascinating guy. I’d seat him on my other side and ask him for advice on my ‘writing’.

Julian Barratt – Slightly biased as I have been sleeping with him for the past few nights in my subconscious, but in my opinion, he is the genius behind The Mighty Boosh and I love him as Howard Moon. The Boosh is my favourite comedy in a long time, if not ever – so I want to spend my time in his company, soaking him up.

Now, what to cook?