Friday, April 20

Interview With A Vamp - Part 3

Third time's a charm…

Interviewer: the divine Chica, interviewee: Me!

  • What was your favourite subject at school and why?

    I was best at English and I loved my teacher, Mr. Dobson because he encouraged me to write for fun and told me I had a real talent (ha) – so that was my favourite class because I got to read interesting things and write to my heart’s content.

  • Does Rocker read your blog?

    No he doesn’t. I have never hidden it from him and he has read it before but he decided he didn’t want to read it because it is so personal to me and he felt like he was reading my diary.

    I generally don’t write anything that might offend him though, just in case – and I don’t generally mention him in my blog because I feel like I’m talking about him behind his back.

  • Kate Moss: zero or hero?

    Ooh a tough one!

    Kate Moss to me is one of the most beautiful women in the world and she deserves serious snaps for two things:

    1) Her dress sense. She throws things together like nobody else and always, always scrubs up well,

    And b) the simplest thing in the world: she has the sense to never open her mouth, thus creating an enigma. Even whilst being busted doing something terrible, she has never said a word about it, never gives interviews and is never caught uttering something stupid at the opening of an envelope.

    It’s genius.

    However. I don’t think you can really call her a hero just for that. She doesn’t look like a nice person, she doesn’t look like she can make you wet yourself for laughing, she goes out with an absolute loser, which isn’t setting the best example to her daughter – in short, I think she’s beautiful – but she ain’t no hero to me.

  • What is your very favourite piece of clothing and why?

    I’m no clotheshorse and I hardly ever dress up in nice clothes because I don’t get the opportunity (or I don’t make the opportunity) so I might as well say, I love my jeans.

    I don’t have any one piece of clothing that never fails, sadly.

    But! There’s a big but coming…

    I love a nice accessory and I love statement jewellery – and have lots of faves. I like Perspex bangles and rings, chunky necklaces and I have a really beautiful new bracelet shaped like an octopus that Heather sent me, which I am in love with.

(see below)

  • What has been your best birthday celebration?

    This is easy! I celebrated my 21st in a town called Bundaberg in Queensland, Australia – and I ended up jumping into a fountain in the town centre in my bra with this Canadian bloke I really, really fancied. It was superb!

    Basically, I was in Bundaberg for about three months picking sweet corn and peppers for a living and on my birthday we were supposed to work, but rain called it off – so my backpacking buddies and I went to the beauty shop and had our hair and nails done, I bought a new top and then in the evening they threw me a party at the local pub – and we rocked on into the night.

    There are pictures – and I look horrendous in all of them – but I had the best time.

    And at the end of the night I totally threw myself at the Canadian guy I fancied, but passed out before I got to his lips. Hmmm. We never did get it on after that…

    Loved every minute and those were the days, etc.

Thank babe, I enjoyed this - Chica's interview by me, coming soon...


brandy said...

Great answers! (And questions) As a Canadian, I love knowing that a fellow Canadian was fountain jumping with you. Oh and about Kate Moss, I have to agree. I appreciate that she just has created this mystery around her by hardly ever talking. I can only wish!

Heather said...

this might be the best set of answers yet! yay for the octopus making the count!

Michael Manning said...

Bravo! I loved this interview!! :)

Chica said...

Fabulous Kate observations, my love, and your Australian adventures sound AMAZING. I have no idea how people end up doing such amazing things.

You rock. End of x

Chica said...

Oh and I am working on my answers, and hoping my interview will be more successful than the study, which is being a real bitch today...


Rainypete said...

Cool answers. Now where are these pictures of which you speak??

patti_cake said...

I Love that bracelet! Love it! You take such joy in life and it really shows, Wondy. You make me smile.

wondy woman said...

Thanks Patti - that's probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me...

Leo said...

That bracelet is amazing.

I was in Bundaberg recently and didn't have quite the same kind of adventure there as you did (probably something to do with the husband and kids) but we loved Bargara nearby.