Friday, April 20


In the grand tradition of ripping off my friends and jumping on the bandwagon, I bring you my very own fantasy dinner party line-up:

The 6 lucky people I would invite are, in no order of preference…

Barbra Streisand – She has long been my hero, as an actress and as a singer. I would probably just sit beside her staring, because I should imagine she has a great presence and she is the original Funny Girl.

Woody Allen – For his sense of humour (and so I can try on his glasses whilst chatting about how he made such a masterpiece of Annie Hall).

Tim Burton – I am in love with his vision and he is my favourite film director.

Alfred Hitchcock – Does this need an explanation? This man was a mystery to me and I want him there so I can pick his brains.

Haruki Murakami – My favourite author and an all round (I believe) fascinating guy. I’d seat him on my other side and ask him for advice on my ‘writing’.

Julian Barratt – Slightly biased as I have been sleeping with him for the past few nights in my subconscious, but in my opinion, he is the genius behind The Mighty Boosh and I love him as Howard Moon. The Boosh is my favourite comedy in a long time, if not ever – so I want to spend my time in his company, soaking him up.

Now, what to cook?


patti_cake said...

That would definitely be one interesting dinner party! I say a crown roast for starters... anyone else care to add to the menu?

Chica said...

I wanted to have a mad-hatters tea party, but I just couldn't see RFK there... x