Tuesday, April 24

Smug, Moi?

Would it be uncouth of me to chant:

  • Less than two weeks to go! Less than two weeks to go! Less than two weeks to go!
(in a goofish tone, with proper arm flapping and everything?)


This time in two weeks, Rocker and I will be in Thailand, trailing our remarkably heavy rucksacks behind us: me probably muttering obscenities under my breath and he, marching ahead, unyielding in his mission to get to wherever it is we are going.

(I hate having to actually move my rucksack, it's ok when it's on a trolley or on the floor, but moving it? Hmpf.)

As it happens I think we'll be making our way from Bangkok Airport to Koh Samui Airport then to some sort of accommodation. I should imagine by then I won't care if I wake up in a cow shed...

Then the next morning it'll be a lunchtime ferry crossing to Koh Phangan where we will be met on the pier by our little friend, Rong - who is insistent he'll be there to meet us.

Can't wait.

You know I can't wait to go exploring again, I can't wait to learn some more of the language, visit some temples, write something and take photographs like there's no tomorrow.

I just can't wait.

In other news, Rocker's sister, Holly and I are going for free Benefit make-up lessons a week Saturday - maybe they'll break me out of my old drag-queen habits?


Chica said...


I remember coming home from a trip with friends and meeting my boyfriend in a bar near the train station. He immediately took my rucksack from me. This confirmed to me that he was The One xx

wondy woman said...

I have to admit, despite my rant, I hardly ever actually carry the darn thing, usually Rocker hoists them both onto each shoulder and carries on marching.

We obviously like having 'men' as partners, rather than boys.

Ask yourself this - do you think Alfie is a 'carrier', my hunch says 'no'.

Ha. 'Computer says no'.

I crack myself up.

Chica said...

I'm almost certain he has been a carrier of one thing or another at some point in his life - rucksacks aint one of 'em!


The Rucksack Test. We should totally patent it x

heather said...

I'm with you girls on the Rucksack Test. Mr. Pants won't even let me carry groceries unless it is completely impossible for him to carry them all. Then he gives me the bag with one loaf of bread or something, just so I'll shutup about making it look like I'm the evil overlord wife.

I am THRILLED for you to be returning to Thailand. You were happy there, and I think you will be again. I cannot wait for pictures and stories. However, being me, I am also a bit exicted for the Benefit lessons. I adore makeup. Just make sure you speak up if you don't like something they've done. They are not really experts, just women who do this a lot. Just because they like it, doesn't mean you have to. They always put me in browns, which is just so BORING. Brown hair, brown eyes, brown makeup... so I have to make them risk it with brighter colors...

wondy woman said...

We should - any boy, lover or platonic who fails it - should be shoved out of our lives!

wondy woman said...

I KNEW Mr Pants would be like that - it's kind of old-fashioned and I love it, having our bags carried for us!

And as for the make-up lesson, I might sound big-headed but I don't think I need one really, I'm just going to see if they can teach me something I don't know - and I have my eye on some smokey-eyed products.

Believe me, I know what I do and don't want, make-up wise!

Chica said...

I also think it's romantic when boys come to the library with their girlfriends and carry their books for them. Sweet! And maybe I belong in the 50s!

I need that make up lesson, I suck. I want it from you though :) xx

wondy woman said...

I would do yours in a heartbeat my love!

shocking_fish said...

I think that makes me the carrier in my relationship with monkey - just to shut him up.