Sunday, April 29

Wedding Belle

I am alive and kicking - just. If you were wondering, like.

On second thoughts, perhaps nobody was actually wondering and it's just like when you don't log into your emails for a few days and when you do, there aren't any waiting for you...

Anyway, I am here.

(No, over here - I'm the redhead - that's it, yep that's me!)

I've been to a wedding, of Rocker's cousin (and my friend) Cat. She looked lovely and the ceremony was really nice.

I'm not really a gushy sort of wedding lover - so I will just entertain you with a few snapshots of the event - and say this: they are a lovely couple who seem very right for eachother, so I wish them every happiness.

I think I pleased Rocker as well, by promising never to put him through the wedding thing. Not that I don't believe in it per se, it's just right now I don't think it's for me - which is great.

It's good to be able to make the decision not to do something that might be expected of me. I'm happy for anyone who does do it - but I excercise my right not to too, you know?

Anyway, a lovely day was had by all. Until I got a cracker of a migraine (down to my constant squinting due to my increasing short-sightedness, perhaps?) and ended up with my head down the toilet.


So I was in bed by 9 pm.

Aren't I the Party Animal?!


heather said...

These pictures are awesome. I love them. And, of course, I missed you!

I hate leaving "I miss you" messages though because I worry about bugging people when their involved with real world concerns...

Good on you for doing what YOU want. If you aren't looking to be married, what difference does it make? As long as you and Rocker are on the same page, no one else matters!

patti_cake said...

OOH you are the party animal!
Seriously I hope you feel better.
I love weddings. I'm a great believer in the institution of marriage but also a firm believer in "to each his/her own".

Leo said...

Well, the day before the headache sounded great.

katie said...

Must.. have... those shoes!!

shocking_fish said...

Not getting married? and me with a big floppy hat and all....

The questions will be on the site tonight.

Love Ya

SF xxx

Chica said...

In my experience, it's always wise to leave the wedding party at least a little early, before drunkenness and brawling ensues ;)

Missed you! x

Rainypete said...

Sorry about the face full of toilet, but at least you had a good time! Lovely pics of a lovely bride. My wife was all about the fancy wedding and all so I couldn't avoid it. That being said I made sure to have fun anyhow.

Weddings don't have to be the grand lavish things that they seem to be. I've been to some amazing ones just in backyards and the like. Should your time ever come just make it your own event and not that of others and you'll enjoy it.

antonio said...

I also missed to know from you!!!
I am a bit sad because I do not have your regular comments on my blog!!!
Be good and kisses!!!
Great photos and have a great trip!!


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