Wednesday, April 25

Posing 101 - With Lindsay Lohan

These pictures just crack me up.

In other news, the Benefit make-up lesson is booked for a week's time - actually the day before we fly to Thailand - so expect an enthusiastic Before and After!


Chica said...

A poor imitation of your cowgirl pics love - jog on L.Lo!

(Love her really, for precisely this stuff!)


wondy woman said...

I know I totally dig her too! I want to be in her gang, her gang, her gang!

wondy woman said...

And yeah - L.Lo wishes !!

MJ said...

Jog on? jog on?!!!

Sacrilege to speak of the poseable one with such derision!

wondy woman said...

Hey we love her, but it's for her own good!